UPSC Wala Love Collector Sahiba book By Kailash Manju Bishnoi

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About The Book

UPSC Wala Love Collector Sahiba book By Kailash Manju Bishnoi

UPSC Wala Love Collector Sahiba” by Kailash Manju Bishnoi is a captivating fantasy novel that revolves around the life of Angel, a fictitious IAS officer. This narrative intricately weaves the story of Angel’s survival and struggles, portraying the Labasna training environment in Mussoorie post his IAS selection. It delves into the lives of four friends preparing for civil services, reflecting the dreams, challenges, and resilience of young aspirants in India.

Key Features of UPSC Wala Love Book

Inspiring Storyline: Chronicles the journey of Angel and his friends as they navigate the competitive world of civil services.
Realistic Depiction: Offers an authentic portrayal of the Labasna training and the competitive environment.
Societal Reflection: Highlights the societal pressures and taunts faced by aspirants.
Corona Challenges: Depicts the unique challenges faced by students during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Love and Sacrifice: A heartwarming love story that emphasizes the conflict between personal desires and professional ambitions.

Detailed Content of Kailash Manju Bishnoi’s Book

Friendship and Aspirations: The novel opens with the story of four friends united by their dream of cracking the civil services exam, showcasing their camaraderie and shared struggles.
Labasna Training: Provides an insider’s look into the prestigious Labasna training in Mussoorie, offering readers a glimpse into the rigorous preparation and discipline required for IAS officers.
Struggles and Resilience: Reflects the personal and societal challenges faced by the characters, emphasizing their resilience and determination to achieve their goals despite numerous obstacles.
Administrative Insights: Sheds light on the issues of administrative corruption and red tape, providing a critical view of the bureaucratic system.
Love Story: Central to the narrative is the poignant love story of Angel and Girish, who prioritize their love over societal expectations and professional aspirations, depicting the essence of small-town romance.

Themes and Motifs of UPSC Wala Love Collector Sahiba

Dreams and Ambitions: Explores the high aspirations of young Indians and their unwavering commitment to their goals.
Societal Challenges: Addresses the societal pressures and criticisms faced by those pursuing unconventional dreams.
Love vs. Career: Highlights the conflict between personal relationships and professional ambitions, showcasing the sacrifices made for love.
Pandemic Struggles: Captures the unique difficulties encountered by students during the COVID-19 pandemic, adding a contemporary touch to the narrative.
Integrity and Corruption: Examines the ethical dilemmas within the administrative system, providing a nuanced perspective on governance.

Must Read UPSC Wala Love Collector Sahiba Book

“UPSC Wala Love Collector Sahiba” by Kailash Manju Bishnoi is a compelling read for anyone intrigued by the world of civil services, the power of friendship, and the complexities of love. Through Angel’s story, the novel paints a vivid picture of the trials and triumphs of young aspirants, making it a must-read for those who dream big and dare to pursue their passions against all odds. This book not only entertains but also inspires, offering valuable insights into the journey of becoming an IAS officer while navigating the personal and professional challenges that come with it.


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