Prakash’s Notebook of Microbiology || MBBS 2nd year Microbiology Book

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About The Book

Prakash’s Notebook of Microbiology || MBBS 2nd Year Microbiology Book

Are you a medical student embarking on your journey into microbiology? Look no further than “Prakash’s Notebook of Microbiology || MBBS 2nd year Microbiology Book” a must-have textbook specially crafted for MBBS 2nd-year students. This comprehensive book covers all the essential aspects of microbiology, making it an invaluable resource for your studies.

Best Book for MBBS 2nd Year Microbiology 2024:-

This exceptional textbook is your one-stop solution for microbiology. It combines theory, practical knowledge, journal preparation, MCQs for pre-PG exams, and even parasitology and entomology into a single book. Think of it as an “ALL in One” guide, organized meticulously for easy reference, and that’s why we call it a “Notebook.”

Key Features of Prakash’s Notebook of Microbiology:-

Simplified Language: This book is written in a simple and concise manner, with information presented in a point-wise format, ensuring that you grasp complex concepts effortlessly.

Structured Learning: Each chapter begins with “Learning Headings & Subheadings,” providing a clear roadmap for your understanding.

Comprehensive Coverage: The book covers both theory and practical aspects across 109 chapters, in alignment with the modern approach to medical education.

New Chapters Added: Six new chapters have been included, addressing miscellaneous topics, medical entomology, oncogenic microbes, bioterrorism, microbiology of water, milk, and air, and image-based MCQs.

Visual Learning: Clinical pictures of infectious diseases are incorporated in each chapter, aiding visual memory retention.

Mnemonics for Easy Recall: Mnemonics are provided to help you memorize challenging facts and concepts.

Question Bank: At the end of each chapter, you’ll find a comprehensive question bank, which includes case studies, essay questions, short notes, short questions for theory and viva, and MCQs for chapter review.

Recent Advances: Stay updated with the latest in microbiology, with coverage of topics like swine flu, bird flu, CCHF, Zika virus, Ebola virus, dengue virus, chikungunya virus, and more.

Extensive MCQs: The book includes a total of 2065 MCQs, covering chapter-wise, system-wise, and image-based questions from various competitive exams, with answers and explanations.

Clinical Microbiology: This book is also a valuable laboratory manual for routine laboratory testing, including Gram stain, ZN stain, Widal test, VDRL test, and more.

Visual Aids: Abundant flowcharts, tables, and color-coded diagrams facilitate quick revision and help you score high in exams.

Multi-Subject Approach: The book’s multi-subject approach covers topics that are common between microbiology and other medical disciplines, such as pathology, community medicine, ophthalmology, ENT, and more.

Special Features in Prakash’s Notebook of Microbiology 3RD Edition:-

The book kicks off with an introduction to the history of microbiology, providing insights into the subject’s evolution and the significant role played by various scientists.

Learning headings and subheadings are provided at the start of each chapter for effective comprehension.

With around 2065 MCQs and detailed explanations, you won’t need to seek a separate source for practice questions.

Parasitology and entomology are seamlessly integrated into the book, eliminating the need for additional resources.

Prakash’s Notebook of Microbiology is not just a valuable companion for undergraduate medical students but also an essential resource for teachers and postgraduate students seeking a comprehensive manual.

Invest in this all-encompassing microbiology textbook and take your understanding of the subject to new heights. “Prakash’s Notebook of Microbiology || MBBS 2nd year Microbiology Book” is your passport to mastering microbiology and excelling in your academic journey.


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