Power of Ignored Skills by Manoj Tripathi

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About The Book

Power of Ignored Skills by Manoj Tripathi

Power of Ignored Skills” by Manoj Tripathi reveals how overlooked skills can significantly contribute to success in various fields. Through compelling examples and stories, Tripathi demonstrates the importance of skills we often ignore, illustrating their role in scientific advancements, economic development, leadership, and corporate success.

The Role of Observations in Scientific Inventions

Tripathi highlights how simple observations have led to major scientific breakthroughs. By paying attention to details that others might overlook, inventors and scientists have made significant contributions to their fields.

Strategic Importance of the Suez Canal

The book explores how the Suez Canal played a crucial role in transforming Mumbai into a bustling business hub. This example underscores the impact of strategic infrastructure on economic development and global trade.

Communication Skills of World Leaders

Tripathi delves into how world leaders have harnessed the power of communication to achieve their goals. Effective communication is presented as a critical skill for leadership and influence, essential for driving change and inspiring others.

Purpose-Driven Success in MNCs

The book examines how multinational corporations (MNCs) leverage the power of purpose to connect with customers and employees. Tripathi explains that a clear sense of purpose can lead to greater engagement, loyalty, and success in the business world.

Economic Challenges and Solutions

Tripathi discusses why India has lagged in the economic race and offers insightful solutions to complex economic problems. The book addresses systemic issues and provides actionable strategies for economic growth and development.

The Wisdom from Fire

One intriguing aspect of the book is how the discovery and use of fire contributed to human wisdom and progress. Tripathi uses this example to illustrate how fundamental discoveries can have far-reaching impacts on human civilization.

Problem-Solving Strategies

“Power of Ignored Skills” not only highlights problems but also offers practical solutions. Tripathi’s approach makes the book a valuable resource for students, learners, and professionals climbing the corporate ladder.

Engaging Examples and Stories

With over fifty examples and stories, the book is engaging and informative. Tripathi uses real-life scenarios to make complex concepts more relatable and easier to understand.

Best Book for Communication

“Power of Ignored Skills” by Manoj Tripathi is a must-read for anyone seeking to unlock the potential of overlooked skills. Whether you’re a student, a professional, or a lifelong learner, this book provides valuable insights and practical strategies to enhance your success. Through its rich examples and thoughtful analysis, “Power of Ignored Skills” encourages readers to recognize and develop the skills that can lead to remarkable achievements.


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