Why Bharat Matters by S Jaishankar

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About The Book

Why Bharat Matters by S Jaishankar

Discover the compelling narrative of India’s evolving role on the world stage with “Why Bharat Matters” by S Jaishankar. This meticulously crafted book by India’s seasoned diplomat and current Minister of External Affairs delves deep into the dynamics of international relations, the intricacies of foreign policy, and the pivotal position of Bharat (India) in the global order. With a clear and authoritative voice, Jaishankar presents a nuanced analysis that is both informative and thought-provoking, making it a must-read for anyone interested in understanding India’s impact on the world today.

11 Chapters Overview of Why Bharat Matters:

1. Presenting a World View
Gain a comprehensive perspective on global affairs as Jaishankar sets the stage with an insightful overview of contemporary international relations.

2. Foreign Policy and You
Explore the direct impact of foreign policy decisions on everyday lives, illustrating the interconnectedness of global and local dynamics.

3. The State of the World
Navigate the complex and often turbulent state of global politics, with a focus on current challenges and emerging trends.

4. Back to the Future
Understand the historical context that shapes today’s geopolitical landscape, revealing how past events inform present strategies.

5. A Transformational Decade
Reflect on the significant changes and milestones of the past decade that have redefined India’s position in the world.

6. Making Friends, Influencing People
Discover the art of diplomacy as Jaishankar discusses India’s approach to building alliances and fostering international relationships.

7. Quad: A Grouping Foretold
Delve into the origins and significance of the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue (Quad), emphasizing its strategic importance.

8. Dealing with China
Gain insights into the complex and multifaceted relationship between India and China, highlighting challenges and opportunities.

9. Re-Imagining Security
Explore innovative perspectives on national and international security, addressing new threats and evolving strategies.

10. The Roads Not Taken
Reflect on alternative paths and missed opportunities in India’s foreign policy journey, offering lessons for the future.

11. Why Bharat Matters
Conclude with a powerful argument on the indispensable role of Bharat in shaping a balanced and inclusive global order.

“Why Bharat Matters” is not just a book but a roadmap to understanding the strategic depth and vision guiding India’s ascent in the international arena. S Jaishankar’s expertise and insider perspective provide a rare glimpse into the workings of global diplomacy, making this book an essential addition to the library of scholars, policymakers, and anyone with a keen interest in world affairs.


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