Vishaal BA Semester 1 EVS & Education Book || Jammu University First Semester Books 2024

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About The Book

Vishaal BA Semester 1 EVS & Education Book || Jammu University First Semester Books 2024

The “Vishaal BA Semester 1 EVS & Education Book” for the 2024 academic session is an essential textbook for students at Jammu University. This comprehensive book is tailored specifically for the Bachelor of Arts program, focusing on Environmental Studies (EVS) and Education. Designed to meet the latest curriculum requirements, this book provides a thorough exploration of environmental concepts and educational principles, equipping students with the knowledge and skills necessary for their academic and professional development.

Jammu University BA 1st Sem as per CBCS

Aligned with the Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) implemented by Jammu University, the “Vishaal BA Semester 1 EVS & Education Book” offers a flexible and modular approach to learning. This system allows students to choose courses according to their interests and career aspirations, and this book serves as a key resource in this framework. It facilitates a comprehensive understanding of EVS and education, promoting interdisciplinary learning and critical thinking.

Jammu University 1st Sem NEP 2020 Books

In accordance with the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020, this book is designed to provide a holistic and integrated approach to education. The NEP 2020 emphasizes the importance of environmental education and its integration with other disciplines. The “Vishaal BA Semester 1 EVS & Education Book” adheres to these guidelines, offering a balanced blend of theoretical knowledge and practical applications, thus preparing students for a sustainable and informed future.

Four Units of EVS & Education

The “Vishaal BA Semester 1 EVS & Education Book” is structured into four comprehensive units, each covering critical aspects of environmental studies and education. These units are meticulously designed to provide a sequential learning experience, building from fundamental concepts to more complex topics. Each unit is supplemented with illustrations, case studies, and exercises to enhance understanding and engagement.

EVS & Education Understanding the Environment

This unit focuses on the foundational concepts of environmental science. It introduces students to the environment’s components, interrelationships, and the importance of maintaining ecological balance. Through this unit, students will gain a deep understanding of environmental systems, human-environment interactions, and the significance of sustainable practices.

EVS & Education Natural Resources and Environmental Pollution

In this unit, students explore the various natural resources, their utilization, and the consequences of their exploitation. It covers topics such as renewable and non-renewable resources, conservation strategies, and the impact of human activities on the environment. Additionally, this unit addresses various forms of environmental pollution, their causes, effects, and control measures, emphasizing the need for responsible resource management and pollution prevention.

EVS & Education Environment and Biodiversity

This unit delves into the concepts of biodiversity and its critical role in sustaining life on Earth. Students will learn about different ecosystems, species diversity, and the threats to biodiversity, such as habitat destruction, climate change, and invasive species. The unit also highlights conservation efforts and policies aimed at protecting biodiversity and promoting ecological resilience.

The “Vishaal BA Semester 1 EVS & Education Book” for Jammu University is more than just a textbook; it is a comprehensive guide that fosters environmental awareness and educational proficiency. By covering essential topics in environmental science and education, this book equips students with the knowledge and skills needed to address contemporary environmental challenges and contribute to sustainable development.


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