Sharda – The Fountain Head of Kashmir Civilisation Book

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About The Book

Sharda – The Fountain Head of Kashmir Civilisation Book

Sharda – The Fountain Head of Kashmir Civilisation Book” by Khwaja Abdul Ghani, presented by Manoj Sheeri, is a meticulously researched book that delves into the glorious past of Kashmir, highlighting its status as a cradle of art, knowledge, and spirituality. This work offers a comprehensive exploration of Sharda’s cultural evolution, including its architectural marvels, the renowned Sharda University, and the ancient Sharda script.

Key Features of Sharda Period

-Thorough Research: A well-researched account that brings to light the rich history and cultural heritage of Kashmir.
– Cultural Evolution: Chronicles the cultural development of Sharda, showcasing its artistic, intellectual, and spiritual contributions.
– Architectural Insights: Highlights the architectural splendor of Sharda, illustrating its significance in the region’s history.
– Educational Hub: Explores the history and impact of the Sharda University, a pivotal center of learning in ancient times.
-Linguistic Heritage: Examines the Sharda script, an essential element of Kashmir’s historical legacy.—

Detailed Content of The Foundation Head of Kashmir Civilization

– Glorious Past of Kashmir: Offers an in-depth look into Kashmir’s past, emphasizing its role as a hub of art, knowledge, and spirituality.
– Cultural Evolution of Sharda: Chronicles the transformation of Sharda through various historical periods, highlighting its contributions to culture and society.
– Architectural Marvels: Describes the significant architectural achievements in Sharda, including temples and educational institutions.
– Sharda University: Provides a detailed account of Sharda University, renowned for its scholarly contributions and as a beacon of learning.
– Sharda Script: Explores the historical and linguistic importance of the Sharda script, detailing its development and usage.—

Benefits of Sharda The Foundation head of Kashmir

– Comprehensive Exploration: Offers a thorough and engaging exploration of Sharda’s historical and cultural significance.
– Insightful Analysis: Provides detailed insights and analysis of the various aspects of Sharda’s contributions to art, knowledge, and spirituality.
– Educational Resource: Serves as an invaluable resource for historians, scholars, and readers interested in the history and culture of Kashmir.
– Engaging Narratives: Engages readers with well-crafted narratives that bring the history and culture of Sharda to life.—

“Sharda – The Fountain Head of Kashmir Civilisation” by Khwaja Abdul Ghani, presented by Manoj Sheeri, is an essential read for anyone interested in the rich cultural and historical heritage of Kashmir. Through meticulous research and engaging storytelling, the book provides a comprehensive look at Sharda’s evolution as a center of art, knowledge, and spirituality. This work is a valuable addition to the literature on Kashmir’s history, offering deep insights into its architectural marvels, educational legacy, and linguistic heritage.


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