JKSSB General Science By Mukesh Sharma – Second Edition

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About The Book

JKSSB General Science By Mukesh Sharma – Second Edition

Prepare for JKSSB Exams 2023 and Beyond with the Updated ‘JKSSB General Science By Mukesh Sharma – Second Edition.

Key Features of JKSSB Science By Mukesh Sharma:

This second edition is tailored to fulfill the specific needs of candidates appearing in JKSSB Exams 2023 and onwards, offering comprehensive coverage with revised and updated content to align with the latest syllabus issued by JKSSB.

Designed to make general science accessible for non-science students, the book presents complex topics in a simplified manner to ensure ease of understanding.

Each chapter is accompanied by a plethora of Model Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) to reinforce learning, allowing readers to practice and assess their knowledge strategically.

In-depth exam preparation is facilitated through the inclusion of solved question papers from the last 9 years, covering both OMR-based and Computer-Based Tests (CBT). The book also includes questions from the latest JKSSB exams conducted in 2022 and 2023.

Chapter-wise compilation of previous years’ questions with answer keys is provided, along with detailed explanations to enhance understanding and support strategic exam preparation.

Contents of JKSSB General Science:

1. Sources of Energy:
Comprehensive coverage of conventional and non-conventional sources of energy.

2. Mechanics & Laws of Motion:
Introduction to the fundamental principles of mechanics and laws governing motion.

3. Waves:
Exploring the concept of waves in the context of general science.

4. Structure of Atom:
In-depth understanding of the atomic structure and its components.

5. States of Matter:
Examination of different states of matter and their properties.

6. Current Electricity:
Coverage of essential concepts related to current electricity.

7. **Life Processes:**
Exploration of vital life processes including nutrition, respiration, and transportation in plants and animals.

8. **Vitamins:**
In-depth analysis of vitamins and diseases associated with their deficiency.

9. **Ecosystem:**
Understanding the components of an ecosystem and their interrelationships.

10. **Environmental Pollution:**
Examination of environmental pollution and its impact.

11. Ozone Layer:
In-depth coverage of the ozone layer, greenhouse effect, and global warming.

12. Solutions and Importance of Water in Life:
Introduction to solutions and the critical role of water in sustaining life.

Extra Chapter – Human Health and Diseases
Additional chapter focusing on human health and diseases.

Gear up for success in JKSSB exams with ‘JKSSB General Science’ – your comprehensive guide to mastering the essential concepts in general science.


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