Hindus in Hindu Rashtra by Anand Ranganathan

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About The Book

Hindus in Hindu Rashtra by Anand Ranganathan

Hindus in Hindu Rashtra” by Anand Ranganathan is a powerful and provocative book that challenges the widely held perceptions about the status and treatment of Hindus in India. Ranganathan’s work is a searing commentary on the socio-political landscape of contemporary India, meticulously arguing against the narrative that India is a totalitarian, fascist Hindu state. Instead, he presents a compelling case that Hindus have been systematically marginalized and discriminated against in their own country.

Unmasking the Myth of Hindu Rashtra

Anand Ranganathan begins by questioning the very concept of India being a Hindu Rashtra. He highlights the paradoxes and ironies that contradict this claim, asking why, in a supposed Hindu nation, Hindus face systemic injustices and discrimination. Through detailed examples and incisive arguments, Ranganathan exposes the gaps between the rhetoric and reality, painting a picture of a society where Hindus are often reduced to second-class citizens.

Addressing Systemic Injustices

The book dives deep into various aspects of systemic discrimination against Hindus:

– Attacks on Religious Celebrations: Ranganathan points out the frequent disruptions and attacks on Hindu festivals such as Ram Navami, Hanuman Jayanti, Durga Puja, and Garba.
– Resource Allocation and Refugee Crisis: He critiques policies that prioritize minorities over Hindus, citing the plight of Kashmiri Pandits versus the settlement of Rohingya Muslims.
– Control of Religious Institutions: The author discusses the state control over Hindu temples and the financial losses incurred, juxtaposed with the autonomy enjoyed by other religious institutions.
– Educational Discrimination: The discriminatory impact of the Right to Education Act on Hindu schools is highlighted, showcasing how thousands have been forced to shut down.
– Historical Injustices: The book also addresses the glorification of historical figures like Aurangzeb and Tipu Sultan, who were responsible for large-scale atrocities against Hindus.

Exposing Legal and Legislative Biases

Ranganathan critically examines the legal and legislative framework that, according to him, systematically undermines Hindu rights:

– Judicial Decisions and Legislative Acts: He scrutinizes judgments and laws that selectively reform Hindu practices while leaving others untouched.
– The Places of Worship Act: The book argues against this act, which Ranganathan believes denies Hindus the right to reclaim their historical religious sites.
– The Waqf Act: He questions the powers granted to Waqf boards, which can declare ancient Hindu temple lands as Islamic property.

A Call for Recognition and Reform

In “Hindus in Hindu Rashtra,” Anand Ranganathan calls for a recognition of these systemic issues and a push for reform. He argues that true equality and justice for Hindus have been long overdue and presents his commentary with unflinching honesty and precision. This book is a wake-up call for readers to reassess the narratives they have been fed and to understand the complex realities of Hindu existence in modern India.


“Hindus in Hindu Rashtra” is a compelling read for anyone interested in the socio-political dynamics of India. Anand Ranganathan’s fearless examination of the injustices faced by Hindus offers a new perspective that challenges conventional wisdom. This book is essential for those seeking to understand the nuanced realities of Hindu identity and the quest for equality in India.

Download Links of Hindus in Hindu Rashtra Novel

To gain deeper insights and read the full commentary, you can purchase or download “Hindus in Hindu Rashtra” by Anand Ranganathan from the following links:

– Eazysale – India’s Online Bookstore

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