A History of Dogra Rule in Kashmir 1846-1947 by Dr. R.K. Parmu

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Book A History Of Dogra Rule In Kashmir 1846-1947
Author Dr. R.K Parmu
Binding Hardback
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Publisher Gulshan Books
Language English

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About The Book

A History of Dogra Rule in Kashmir 1846-1947 by Dr. R.K. Parmu

“A History of Dogra Rule in Kashmir 1846-1947” by Dr. R.K. Parmu is a meticulously researched account of the Dogra dynasty’s origins and its subsequent rule in Kashmir. The book offers a detailed exploration of this significant historical period through thorough research of archival and private records in Urdu, Persian, and English, including previously unknown sources like Saifuddin’s Persian diaries.

Key Features of Dogra Rule in Kashmir Book

Comprehensive Research: Utilizes a vast array of archival and private records in multiple languages to provide a well-rounded historical narrative.
Unique Sources: Includes previously unknown documents, such as Saifuddin’s Persian diaries, offering fresh insights into the Dogra rule.
Detailed Historical Account: Covers the Dogra dynasty’s rule from its origins in 1846 to its conclusion in 1947.
Multilingual Documentation: Incorporates sources in Urdu, Persian, and English to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the period.

Detailed Content of A Dogra Rule in Kashmir Book

Origins of Dogra Rule: Traces the beginnings of the Dogra dynasty in Kashmir, detailing its establishment and rise to power.
Political Developments: Chronicles the significant political events and milestones during the Dogra rule, highlighting key figures and their contributions.
Administrative Practices: Examines the administrative strategies and governance methods employed by the Dogra rulers.
Cultural Impact: Explores the cultural transformations and influences introduced during this era, including architectural and social changes.
Saifuddin’s Diaries: Provides unique insights from Saifuddin’s Persian diaries, shedding light on lesser-known aspects of the Dogra period.

Benefits of History Book of Dogra Rule in Kashmir

Thorough Documentation: Offers a rich and detailed narrative backed by extensive research and diverse sources.
New Perspectives: Introduces previously unexplored documents, providing new perspectives on the Dogra rule.
Educational Value: Serves as an invaluable resource for historians, scholars, and anyone interested in the history of Kashmir.
Multifaceted Approach: Combines political, cultural, and administrative histories to give a holistic view of the Dogra dynasty’s impact on Kashmir.

Best Book For History of Dogra Rule

“A History of Dogra Rule in Kashmir 1846-1947” by Dr. R.K. Parmu is an essential work for understanding the intricate history of Kashmir during the Dogra era. Through meticulous research and the use of unique sources, this book offers a comprehensive and detailed account of a pivotal period in Kashmir’s history. It is an indispensable resource for historians, scholars, and readers passionate about uncovering the multifaceted history of the Dogra rule in Kashmir.


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