Frequently Asked Questions FAQs:-

Where will I get my ID & Password?

First Register yourself than wait for approval, When approved by the administrator you will be notified via email. Use your Login credentials to sign in as Campus Ambassador.

What should I use on the Payment Email & Simple Email section while registering?

Use single active email in both sections.

What should I do when I get approval as Campus Ambassador?

Log in to the Campus Ambassador Dashboard, Update your dashboard, Generate an Affiliate link, start sharing it with your audience, and get paid for every successful order.

Where should I generate links for sharing products?

On the Right side of the screen under Menu, click on “Generate Link” & share it with your audience to start earning.

If I place my own order from here then what will be the discount?

You will save 15%, but first, it needs to be complete the payment as per product price then it will be auto transferred into your wallet.

 And how is the amount transferred from the wallet into a bank account?

When your account gets fully active which requires at least two sales from your ambassador link then you will be asked for account details. You have to submit those details & then you can transfer your amount from your wallet to your bank account

What is the percentage I earn from successful orders and are there any exceptions?

Till now it has been a 15% of commission for every successful order. But yes there is an exception you did not get any commission in textbooks like NCERTs so remember only competitive books will reward you for your work.